July 31, 2003

I got hit by a truck and I can vote for the grammys
Yes, I got hit by a truck. It was all a result of the aforementioned stool. We were coming out of Home Depot from picking up some supplies and a little red pickup truck backed into me. Yes "me," not "us." We were walking. He backed right into my butt! Lydia says that if I hadn't kept my balance, I might have been run over and really injured. As it was, all that got hurt was my sense of control!

That was on Tuesday. Today, courtesy of Warner Music Group, I became a Grammy voter. Well... not quite yet, but I fulfilled the requirement of voting membership. To vote in the grammys, you have to be credited on at least six tracks of an album. This afternoon, all of my fellow co-workers piled into a recording studio and recorded a benefit "holiday album" to be released this Christmas. Then... {pwang!} I'll be eligible for NARAS membership and be able to contribute my vote to the Grammy process. This makes me wonder if I was already eligible, because I've participated in creating a lot more than six tracks. It isn't really clear what their definition of a "commercially released track" is.

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