July 17, 2003

I kind of just realized this... I'm now working in a tourist attraction. Even though the print music division of Word Entertainment isn't high on everyone's "must see" list, we are on the row... which means that we get looked at. And, that makes me a tourist attraction too. I just went for a little walk and saw two tour buses full of wide-eyed country music fans soaking in all of the surroundings. The ironic thing is, since the Country Music Hall of Fame went downtown, most of what's here on the row isn't really that interesting to look at - just little office buildings and restored homes with "Buddy Lee Productions" and "Masterfonics" on the outside. Except for RCA Studio B, there's not anything on the row that any tourist can actually go in.

And then they see me walking down the street and they're thinking... "I wonder if he knows Toby Keith?" ...and they couldn't be farther off. Maybe I should get to know our neighbors?

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