July 24, 2003

the prodigal has returned
We assume our TV enjoyed the trip to Alabama. The delivery guys said they'd bring it back between 2 and 4 on Wednesday. Of course, Wednesday is about the most inconvenient day possible for the two of us to be home to receive our TV. And... when I called at 3:00, they said... "uh... we're about two hours behind." At 7:45 p.m., the TV arrived. The paperwork said that all they had to do was "reset the microprocessor." I'm a little confused as to how that helped the loose connection in the audio outputs, but it seems to be doing okay... so far. However, under our "no lemon" warranty, they can only make one more trip... the third time, we get it replaced.

Big plans this weekend: We're goin' ta the flea market!

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