July 17, 2003

stomach bug continued
Lydia's still home... not feeling well. :-/ She's got the powerbook with her though. IM lcwattstn if you see her online with get well wishes!

We're playing the great office supply trading game here at the office! I've got a CD rack that I don't need any more... do you need a TV cart? Boy... that monitor stand would sure help! Do you know how many pens you can collect in your desk after being at one job for six years?

Recaping my new office - the overhead fluorescents really interfere with viewing the monitor... even bumped up to an 85Hz refresh rate. So, I'm in the dark... sort of. I've got an under-cabinet light and a torchiere which seem to be doing okay... but I need task lighting. Two problems though - I don't want to take up any more desk space or floor space to do it. These are looking pretty good right now, but any suggestions for levitating lights would be welcome!

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