July 16, 2003

stomach bug

Finally - I'm out of my blue Tyga boxes and in my new office. It's pretty cool. The window is small, but I have more room than in the old building.

Lydia is at home today, feeling a little under the weather. However, she's still able to browse the Internet. :-D It's good that she's sick now and not in a couple of weeks. We're headed out of the country to Texas for my sister Allison's graduation and a trip to Schlitterbahn with John and Michelle, Jason and Erin, and Giles and Jennifer. And, as of this week, all four of us couples have a Tivo!

Last night, I went up to our church to help work on our "Downtown Ministry Center." It's a building that we obtained in a land purchase that is in too good of shape to tear down. We're going to be leasing it to the Christian Women's Job Corps to use as transitional housing and office space. However, it's in no shape to be used right now! We've been tearing down walls, and starting to build them up again. I've gotten to use an air-powered hammer scraper and a 22 caliber nail gun! If you're at all interested in coming down and helping out, let me know!