July 21, 2003

take the mac or take the pc?
This weekend, we started to transition from the old computer to our new computer. For those of you who are interested, here's our current inventory of personal computerage:

- the Pentium 90 "home control" computer (a freebie from a friend)
- the Compaq Celeron 800 which has been our main machine for over three years now (when Lydia's died.)
- the HP Athlon 2000 laptop
- the 15" PowerBook
and a lot of bits and pieces.

The idea is to ditch the Pentium 90 and phase the Compaq over to being our home control, music server, file server and print server. However, we have to un-shoehorn our entire life (documents, pictures, MS Money files, web sites, etc.) from the Compaq and get it to the HP. Microsoft's FAST (Files and Settings Transfer) Wizard did a pretty good job, copying and compressing just about everything to a networked drive, then allowing us to read it off of the network and put everything where it belongs on the new system.

This arrangement, however, poses a question. When one of us leaves, will we be able to take the HP (since it's now the "main" computer?) Or will we be taking the PowerBook and leaving our HP at home for the other to use? Fortunately, neither of us is usually gone very long, so it won't be a big issue, but it does dictate what kind of accessories we'll get for each platform (car charger?)

By the way, I'm still convinced you'll be hearing from Lydia soon here on the weblog. Especially if she knows that I'm writing about her. ;-)

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