August 13, 2003

keep your pants on
So much to blog about! We returned from our trip to Texas this past Monday. We made it through Dallas, Waco, Austin and New Braunfels in only three days!!

First Allison graduated from Baylor which required two parties and a ceremony. Friday night was family and Grapevine folks at Mom and Dad's house and Saturday was extended family at Judy McCracken's. Lydia got to meet relatives that are more distant than the moon. That night, John and Michelle drove us down to Austin.

sidenote: It was very odd to me that not a single word at the graduation was said about Patrick Dennehy. Not a moment of silence, not a "you've heard a lot about this..." nothing.

Sunday morning (don't tell Lydia's boss,) we went to Schlitterbahn with John and Michelle and Jason. Jason was impressed with the combination Powerbook/Treo 300 combo that allowed him to post to Giles's blog while we were driving down I-35 at 70 miles an hour. <drool> <drool> <drool> ;-)

At the park, everything was fine until Michelle got her top blasted off on a water coaster and Jason got trapped in one that almost blew his pants off and caused them to shut down the entire ride.

We made it back on Monday and hit the ground running. Lydia promises that she'll blog after the coffeehouse.

Update: Two places you have to eat in Austin: Buffet Palace (visit their site on Citysearch for pictures - the new location!) and Kerbey Lane Cafe (not Kirby, not Kerby, not Street, not Restaurant. Kerbey. Lane. Cafe.)

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