August 23, 2003

saturday in ohio
Pop is doing well. We just found out that he's coming home this afternoon. The cardiac specialist gave him a list of things to do, new medications, and told him to come back in two or three months (unless of course, something emergent happens!) Polly is ready to get him back and get him exercising again! They haven't ruled out a new bypass as an option, but they want him to get his strength back before they do surgery. We got to talk with him a lot yesterday and he's not really in pain or having any problems... just moving slowly. We walked down the hall to the waiting room so that we wouldn't bother his roommate! Things in Ohio are going good.

The latest report on Uncle Jim is that his infection has been knocked out, and they're not sure whether it was a result of the transfusion or not. His party has been moved to the hospital, which is probably good because Uncle Jim won't have to travel - he'll be right near a place where he can rest.

The family has divided to be in both places at once... Dad, John, Michelle and Allison will be in Ft. Worth tonight and Mom, Lydia and I are in Ohio. I'm glad we could pull that off! Mom flys out at 6:00 tomorrow morning... luckily, we're not taking her to the airport!! :-D

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