September 30, 2003

My Birthday!

Saturday (9/27) was my birthday, and boy, did I get some great loot. Patrick's parents wisely went to my Wish List and purchased a George Foreman Grill (which we used last night - it was great), a Microsoft Natural Multimedia Keyboard (which I am using right now), and the book, V is for Volunteer. Patrick gave me Buzz Lightyear Walkie Talkies, a Mickey Mouse travel mug (which he got on a recent business trip to Orlando), and a Sharper Image Ionic Hair Dryer. He also got us a three-month trial subscription to digital cable, which I am really liking. I'd like it more if I actually had time to watch it, but that's what Tivo is for! My parents gave us the three wise men for our Waterford Crystal Nativity Set, and some cool kitchen gadgets.

Patrick and I went to the flea market Saturday morning, where we mainly browsed, but got few good but small deals. I took a nap Saturday afternoon, and we ate Chinese food and non-dairy chocolate cake with my parents Saturday night. It was a great birthday!!

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