September 9, 2003

when to upgrade?
I just had this thought this morning, reading Giles's blog. Especially with the advent of ebay, when does it make the most sense to upgrade? Unlike a car, computers don't necessarily lose all of their value when you drive them off of the lot. Their decrease in value happens usually when a newer model is introduced or new software is introduced that either won't run on it or runs poorly on it. This would be the easiest to track and analyze on Macs because they tend to be bought and sold often with their default configurations.

If you know me (and... if you're reading this... you probably do...) you know I'm all about what saves the most money. The gist of the question is... would it be cheaper to upgrade to the "middle of the line" with each new computer release and sell your old computer on ebay instead of making a HUGE upgrade every three to four years and having a computer that would not have any value?

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