October 20, 2003

everybody's workin for the weekend

So Lydia and I had a pretty good weekend, except for our dinner at P.F. Chang's, which actually turned out kind of okay anyway. Lydia got a gift certificate to P.F., so we went Saturday afternoon to see School of Rock ("You're a fat loser and you have body odor!") and then went to the restaurant. I, of course called ahead for a reservation... because we tried to go the night before and were told we would have a seventy minute wait. Saturday night, we knew they'd be busy, but we had a reservation, right? We ended up waiting thirty minutes to get in.

Once we ordered, our food was out pretty quickly. However, instead of Mongolian Beef, I accidentally ordered "Beef a la Sichuan." On a scale of 1 to 10, one being spiceless and ten being extremely hot, "Sichuan" is evidently a 42. My eyes were watering, my entire mouth was burning... and I actually got a nosebleed. (Our RN friend confirmed that this was actually possible!) Our waitress, being the motherly type, was nice enough to take the uneaten portion of the beef back and replace it with Mongolian Beef. At that point, I just asked for it "to go."

Interestingly enough, my fortune cookie said, "You will try something new, and be pleased with the results."

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