January 16, 2004

health update

  • Dad
    Dad went in to the hospital on Wednesday for elective surgery on a bone spur near his rotator cuff. He's home... and very sedated! Mom says he came through fine, but they couldn't repair his muscle, so there will be lots of therapy needed so that he can get back to pitching in the majors.

  • Lydia
    Lydia went in to the hospital on Wednesday, but it wasn't elective. She's been having terrible spasmodic intestinal cramps for about a week. She's spent the last 48 hours rehydrating and getting attention from at least three different doctors to rule out possibilities, and they've come to a conclusion: diverticulitis due to diverticulosis. The good news is that it's a very treatable condition. Right now, the GI doc is prescribing Bentyl to take care of the spasms and an antibiotic to take care of any infection. We hope to see her home on Saturday morning. Our spirits are good though... we can feel your prayers! Thanks.

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