February 12, 2004

pepsi hunt 2004 - part 2.01, becoming aunt/uncle, and dinner theater

Alas, and alack. My bonus Diet Pepsi has done me wrong. I am now 1 for 4 in the great itunes hunt. Oh well. Since I need to take up some space on this post, I'll fill you in on the rest of our lives. We're still anticipating uncle and aunt-dom. Lydia has taken up smocking as a hobby and is voraciously trying to come up with ideas for our new niece. She's also planning a baby shower in Texas with Mom and Allison near the end of March. Suffice it to say, Lydia is not having to find lots of things to do in her "spare time."

I'm all wrapped up in our church's dinner theater preparations. It has become my task to take the scores that the musical company rents to us and transform them into something playable by a bass, drums, piano and two keyboards... that as much as possible, retains the flavor of the Broadway musical. This year was fairly easy... building on past years experience, and based on the fact that the "conductor's score" is really a reduction of almost every part playing. There are about three times the number of notes that are actually humanly playable, it's just a matter of deciding which of us three humans plays which note! Mom and Dad are flying in on their flight privileges to see the Saturday show on the 21st. It should be fun!

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