March 3, 2004

quick job update... I still have one.

As widely reported, Warner Music Group cut about 1000 jobs yesterday. Although I kept my current job, some of my co-workers were let go. Our division feels the loss acutely, but we already know that certain parts of the jobs we lost will be outsourced to freelancers and parts of the jobs we lost were already being transitioned and assimilated by other parts of our team, so at least in the long run, we will continue to be the great division that we are.

The five people who left are already missed, even though some of them won't be wrapping up their jobs here for a couple of weeks. What they're going through is more comprehensible when you are able to have first-hand conversations, but I can't help but think about the other 995 people that I don't know. The five from our division all have strong faith to rely on, but chances are, many of the others in WMG worldwide may not. If you have a chance to pray for those that lost their jobs yesterday, pray for comfort for them and their families, courage to find a new direction, and if they don't have a relationship with Jesus, that they'll find Him in the trial that they're currently facing.

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