April 19, 2004

the great re-mac-ing of 04

As intimated in my previous post and commented on by Giles (good luck between now and Wednesday, by the way), the new ibooks are here. Since amazon.com has a 30-day return policy, I can essentially get a 20% speed increase and 128 more MB soldered on the motherboard for the price of shipping. Both of these items are no-brainers to me... I was feeling bad about the second 128MB that I'd have to ditch when I upgrade the RAM.

However, there's a catch right now. I'm still looking for the best deal on the replacement iBook. It only appears to be shipping from the Apple store right now, and amazon.com doesn't even list it on their site yet. And, if you look at macprices.com, you can see that I'm living in almost the worst state for Mac iCommerce possible... Tennessee... which means that almost every store charges sales tax. :-/ CDW / MacWarehouse seems to be the best current deal... but again... not in stock yet.

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