April 12, 2004

it just works, part 1

I can use that phrase about a lot of things, but most Mac-aficionados use it about their machines. Well, here's a case where it applies. We had our friend Caroline over for her fifth birthday last Friday and took a little stack of pictures. When we went to the Bonus Room Computer this morning to offload them... the Kodak software (mind you... the software that came with the camera) told us that there were "no pictures on the camera." Of course, we could see them on the camera ourselves. So, on a whim, I took the USB cable and plugged the camera into the iBook. Immediately, it started iPhoto. I pressed "Upload," and within seconds, all the pictures were there. I command-selected all the ones that needed rotating and chose "rotate clockwise," clicked the "Burn" button at the bottom, and now they're all on a CD. Chalk one up for the iBook.

Why is this part 1? Because I'm sure I'll find more things that the iBook just "does." In the interest of full disclosure however, I need to tell you that I'm blogging this on the HP laptop. :-D

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