April 13, 2004

it just works, part 2

The "switch" campaign needs to run ads like this. This morning, I walked down to the hotel lobby, opened the iBook, and immediately it found two wireless networks... one paid and one free. I (naturally) picked the free one, and am now sitting on the deck outside, drinking my coffee and eating my granola parfait. (Hey, it's California. You gotta eat granola.) Not five minutes passed when a guy came by and said, "excuse me, could you get on the Internet out here? I'm having problems." He had an HP notebook, not unlike the one that Lydia and I have at home. I couldn't help him out. Again... another case of "it just works."

I do want to say that there have been some issues. Safari can't connect to my work webmail system. And, interestingly enough, neither can IE for Mac. I have to use FireFox.

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