May 3, 2004


command, control, option, alt, windows, apple, shift

I'm a keyboard shortcut guy. When I'm done in windows, I'm gonna Alt-F4... when I wanna jump ahead a word, I Ctrl-right arrow, when I wanna see the desktop, I windows-D and when I switch between programs, I'm gonna Alt-Tab.

The problem is... some of these are the same on the Mac. Alt-Tab works great... unless you're trying to move among windows in the same program... in which case, it's Alt-~. The big thing is the Command / Alt / Control conundrum. On the Mac, most commands are Command-whatever... on the PC, it's Ctrl-whatever or Alt-whatever. The bottom line is: I don't think about most of these commands... they're just part of my muscle-memory touch typing. But when they don't line up... odd things can happen. Right now, the worst is "Select All." The muscle memory for Command-A gives me Alt-A on the PC, and that just drops down a random menu. It's not that anything catastrophic happens... it's just what you expect to happen doesn't.

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