May 14, 2004

doesn't everyone name their mac?

Ever since the dawn of Mac-dom, the drives that are connected show up on the desktop in a nice little column. If you booted from a floppy, that floppy would show up on the right side of the screen with whatever the name of the floppy was underneath it. And, if you ejected the floppy while a file on it was in use and replaced it with another floppy, the Mac would nicely ask you to put the disk named "such and such" back in the drive... over... and over... and over... and over.

Once hard disks came into vogue (and out of the multi-thousand dollar price range,) they started showing up on Mac desktops. And, since the hard drive never left the computer, it was ubiquitously there, taking up it's valuable space forever, or until it gave up the ghost.

Seeing the icon there permanently, many Mac owners attributed identity to it... naming the icon, and therefore naming their Mac. This also tends to be a habit of network admins who like to name the various servers on their networks with names like frodo, bilbo, etc. or spock, kirk, etc.

So now that I have an iBook for good, I had to come up with something to name it, to give it identity, and one night last week, I bequeathed it's new identity... something that will characterize it for years to come, or until I decide on something different.

And no, I'm not going to explain it right now. :-D


Anonymous said...

Does it have cool whip inside? -- Lacy

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't by any chance be the same as Wildberry Pie, would it? :)