May 21, 2004


It was bound to happen after our mega-kid-watching weekend: Lydia caught a cold on Monday, and today, I'm showing the symptoms. I was planning on staying home today to recuperate, but I have one thing at work that has to get done... and I have to wait on a manufacturer to deliver something to the warehouse before I can do it. So I'm sitting here, doped up on Sudafed, waiting for the phone to ring/email to beep so that I can push "go." Normally, I'd offload something like this to our trusty marketing coordinator, but she and her husband are off on holiday. I could just set up the routine to run in Oracle and head out, but if anything didn't go as planned, I could screw up 10,000 orders going to the warehouse. They aren't happy when that happens.

I'm not miserable though, because the drugs are working great. And, even when you have a runny nose, these taste great.

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