May 10, 2004

no comment

Blogger has updated their system and now has a commenting system. After some template hacking, I've switched our blog over to their comment system. The upshot is that we lost all the old comments attached to previous posts (sorry) and due to the way they coded the comment system, the posting page ends up showing up in a new window. The good news is that I'm planning on sticking with this system from here on out, and I've enabled "anonymous posting" so that you don't have to register for a Blogger account (although it is free.)

I'm sure it will all go through several changes... but for now, post a comment and see how it works!


Anonymous said...

(This is from Lacy) Er so ... those of us who don't use blogger can't leave comments under our name? Interesting. MT is moving to registered comments in the 3.0 release ... but you don't have to have an account with MT to register. Interesting choice by blogger -- it seems more like livejournal now. They don't allow non livejournal people to register for comments. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... it's a little annoying. You also can't use any HTML tags beyond hrefs. I've left a comment about it on one of the Blogger programmer's blogs. I would expect comments 1.1 to come out very shortly. As far as the anonymous commenting, you can always tag your post like this... - Patrick