May 17, 2004

off demand

In the stacks of junk mail that we receive on a daily basis, a whole 11 x 17" was committed to an advertisement about Comcast's On Demand service. It said, "if you have Digital Cable, you've got 'On Demand!'" Well, we have Digital Cable, so we've got it.

I pressed the 147 buttons it takes to switch our home entertainment center off of Tivo and on to plain old cable and quickly found the On Demand menu in the digital cable menu. The On Demand section is divided into about six submenus, each of which has several different categories. The top level ones are "Movies" (a.k.a. Pay-per-view... the "not free" stuff,) "Cable Favorites," "News," and several others. I poked around several different categories... but that's about where it stopped. Whenever I tried to play a program, I got a "this program is not currently available... call 888-yada yada yada." I managed to start one thing (that I can't remember right now,) but that was it.
We won't be demanding much from on demand at this point. It might have been because of the ads that were sent out, but even so... the capacity for the city of Nashville seems to be severely lacking.

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