July 30, 2004

impulse trade

So, just because I felt like it, at lunch I took all my Xbox stuff up to GameStop and traded it in on a PS2, two controllers and NFL 2K5. It was kind of an interesting transaction... when they got to my Hip Interactive Screen/Controller, they didn't have a buy price for it, and couldn't tell me why. Evidently, they either break easily or aren't worth reselling. So after the manager told me that they couldn't buy it, the kid behind the counter who was ringing me up said, "I'll give you 10 bucks cash." How could I turn that down??

The net difference between trade-in stuff and the used system, game and controller was $22.91, minus the $10 cash I got. The PS2 includes the network interface, so I could play online if I like. The only catch... it smells like you could get emphysema from sitting nearby. Previous owner = heavy smoker. I should probably disassemble it and give it a good cleaning sometime soon.

There are several reasons why I traded... PS2 games are (overall) cheaper, you can play DVDs without an adaptor, and all of my friends/co-workers have PS2 (except for the one part-time guy who's got a GameCube... sheesh!) This way, they can bring in games and controllers and play along.

Also, I can't help but suspect that this has something to do with the fact that I am now a Macintosh owner and that Xboxes are made by Microsoft. Naaah... couldn't be.

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