July 9, 2004

Michael, with all due respect...

You could spend hours reading the creative reviews for the CD Looking For-Best of David Hasselhoff [IMPORT] on amazon.com.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. Oddly enough a couple days ago a friend and I were discussing Hasslehair's musical career.

Incidentally, The Family Circus books by Bil Keane have similar reviews. Here's a couple:




Anonymous said...

aah. forgot to sign it.

-cousin dave

Anonymous said...

These reviews are better than "Hot Shot City" (if that is humanly possible)

Here is one of my favourites:

"This CD has been the soundtrack to my life for some years now - imagine my surprise when I realised that one of the world's great icons of popular culture felt the same way! The National Film Theatre here in London recently ran a retrospective of the great Jean Luc Godard. Being an avid fan, I attended a showing of his magnificent and rarely seen 1999 epic La Boeuf et le Voiture. Godard has always been famed for his instinctive use of music. After a particularly moving scene framed with the delicate tones of a Hindemith string quartet, the scene changed to a view of rolling French countryside, a lone ramshackle cottage, a rusted piece of farm machinery juxtaposing with this scene of rural bliss. Seamlessly, the soundtrack switched - genius! The song 'Hot Shot City' arrived with its vivid lyrical imagery, its subtle harmonic textures, its moving evocation of an era that seems almost a distant, fleeting memory. The scene was completed, the music crashing over me like a terrible, wonderful wave of emotion, perfectly complementing Godard's perfect visual imagery. Oh, how I wept!"

Yer Cuzin