July 31, 2004


So when I hit fatwallet.com after making my big Xbox trade, I found a deal for a PS2 controller, DVD remote, and two extension cables for $7.99. The controller I bought was $9.99, so it was a no brainer to return it and purchase the package from Circuit City. I placed an online order on Friday, and we went Saturday morning to pick it up.

When we walked in to the store, Lydia went to the "open box" table and piped up, "hey, look, they have a four-gig one!" As the staff was looking for my online order, I looked over and sure enough, they had an iPod mini for 20% off! After thinking it through, four gigabytes would only account for about half our music files, and we probably wouldn't use it all that often... so we got it anyway, and put it up for sale on ebay!!

This is a very hot item right now, and people are paying top dollar for it. I hope they still will be over the next ten days so that we can make a decent amount on our short-term investment!

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