July 22, 2004

woo! zip! waa!

Continuing the Nashville hotspot reviews, I'm blogging today from the aptly named Caffeine. This little restaurant is one of the new places on Demonbreun just east of Music Row. Obviously, their mainstay is coffee, but they also are a mini-cafe too.

My order was taken this morning by "Logan." I know his name because he felt that it was important that we were introduced to each other... maybe his boss thought not everyone would want to be addressed as "dude." The coffee came from a pump-pot, and is excellent. Although it is credited as "chocolate hazlenut," it really just tastes like very good coffee.

The feel is funky new-cool, with concrete floors and wallpapered walls with various textures. It's a "more trendy than Starbucks" decor. Seating is ample, with lots of one and two-seat tables... great for surfing and solo coffee drinking. As is becoming more and more common in Nashville, they have an obligatory corner stage and tout their "late night" acts. You expect the clientele to be pierced and earth toned, but when I came in, there were two fifty-ish music row execs in their standard issue black t-shirts and slacks, and a younger looking business guy. Only towards the end of my meal did some twenty to thirty-something counterculturists show up.

Internet access is provided by MacAuthority, Nashville's primary Apple Specialist. They intelligently plug this with signage, and even the SSID for the hotspot is "MacAuthority Wireless." The connection is snappy.

The toast is only lightly toasted, the coffee is good, but not out of this world, the internet connection is fine... maybe I'm just not awake enough, or maybe I need to try lunch or dinner sometime, but I'm gonna give Caffeine three and a half stars. Extremely adequate.

P.S. The title of this post is supposed to intimate the effects of caffeine on your system. Try reading it in a high pitched voice quickly and you'll see what I mean.

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