August 22, 2004

living on the backlot

Friday night, Lydia and I decided to head out for dinner at Genghis Grill, one of our favorite new places to eat. No farther than two houses away from our house, we encountered orange cones around a truck that in a former life had been a Snap-on Tools vehicle. Just past the truck was a Klieg light waiting to be wheeled into the house and several people milling around in trendy shabby-chic clothes. Nine times out of ten in Nashville, this means that someone's shooting a music video. However, we're not aware of any country music stars in our neighborhood. A couple of Titans, but it wasn't at their house. The person who lives there does have the vanity license plate WINEGUY, so it may have been him filming something for a restaurant or wine store or something.

A couple of months back, again when we were going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants: Las Palmas, there was a film crew in the same strip shopping center in front of the section that used to be a World Gym, and before that had been a Walgreen's. They had set up all kinds of living room furniture out on the sidewalk. We couldn't tell what they were filming.

The Nashville Chamber of Commerce does have a film commission (which used to be part of the mayor's office, but evidently they're not on the web. It would be nice to be able to look up scheduled shoots and see what is happening or has happened, but that would probably just cause even more traffic and hassle for us average Nashvillians.

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