October 16, 2004

fruit turnover

So, with all the hoopla being blogged about Cherry OS (link will not be working for a while,) I decided to give PearPC a whirl. This software is supposed to allow you to install Apple OS X on a PC. Note that this is not an easy task... and I'm nowhere near finished.

First, you download the files - the PearPC program, and a 3GB "blank" disk image. That all went pretty smoothly, once I figured out I had to use WinRAR to decompress the disk image. Second, you have to hand-configure the preferences file for PearPC with the names of your disk image and your OS X disk images. However, you can't use a CD-ROM (no CD-ROM drivers exist yet for PearPC) and you can't use Apple's .dmg format. So I resorted to Google and quickly found a macosxhints.com article on a command-line command to convert them to .iso format. As it turns out, my .dmg files are already on the PC on the shared volume. However, the conversion program (hdiutil) is only available on the mac. So I had to google around again to find out where my shared volume was (surprisingly enough... in "Volumes!") and navigated to the shared folder. The ibook is now converting the file over our network. It seems to be slow going, so I'm going to bed!

Update: as it turns out, the dmg files that I made of the Panther install CDs aren't usable by PearPC - they have to be bootable isos. hdiutil turns out .cdr files, but for some reason, they aren't recognized by PearPC. I tried three or four different things to try to get it to work, but I just don't have the right OS X source material to proceed. Oh well... OS X at 1/10 the speed really wouldn't have been that exciting anyway...

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