October 19, 2004

ibook updates

Amid all the hoopla of the Dell deal listed above, I neglected to notice that Apple has updated their ibooks. The difference between mine and these is:
  • mine's 200 mhz slower
  • I had to pay for my Airport card
  • mine was $100 more expensive
The other difference is that I've had mine for six months.

I'm going on the record RIGHT NOW to say that the next ibook updates will be in March of 2005 and they will include:
  • 64MB Graphic cards (to support CoreImage in Tiger)
  • 12.1" and 14.1" wide screens (1280 x 800)
  • even more ipod-like styling (white/grey, maybe silver bottom?)

Less likely in the update, but possible, would be an Instant-on DVD feature so you can use it as a DVD player without booting up.

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