October 26, 2004

your dell has left the building

Your order has left Dell's manufacturing facility and is on its way to the carrier's regional distribution center. The typical duration of this stage is 1-3 business days. Your tracking number may not be available until your shipment arrives at the carrier's regional center. Please check back to obtain your tracking number through this tool.

Must be the same guy that does "boxing" that takes it to the UPS store. "Uh, hey, can y'all ship these 3,000 notebooks for me?"

Now let's see how long it takes to travel 23.6 miles.


Anonymous said...

The next step is to provide video. That would be more effective than mere "words" to tell you where your computer is. I'm relieved to see that you are veering more to the right side of the computing world.

Anonymous said...

Roy Acuff Place???