November 16, 2004

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Believe it or not, I'm blogging this while standing in line at Krystal. More details when I sit down...

With all of the hoopla over certain fast food chains rolling out wireless in their stores, I only know of one chain that actually has it working: Krystal. If you're not familiar with this fast food eatery, it's probably because you don't spend much time in the southeast. Known primarily for their White Castle-esque sliders, their menu has expanded to mini-hot dogs, mini-chicken sandwiches, mini-breakfast sandwiches, and a few outside the box-sized items. I just stopped by for a cup of coffee this morning after my 7:30 a.m. dentist appointment.

This Krystal in Green Hills is quite the hopping place today at breakfast. There's a group of about eight seniors - husbands and wives, plus a contingent of Nashville Gas and NES workers tanking up for the day.

Krystal has also been very responsive to customer needs and has been making menu adjustments accordingly, including the larger sandwiches, and a low-carb version of their breakfast scrambler. And, of course, they've rolled out the internet to the majority of their locations.

As far as the wireless connection today goes, I opened the iBook, literally standing in line, and within seconds had a strong "KrystalHotSpot" SSID signal. I'm on instantly... no login or nag screen. Boom! Internet, just like it should be. And, unlike the aforementioned fast food chain, it's free.

I know I'll get grief from my better half for this rating, because she's not a fan of the food, but I have to say, for speed, convenience, and a rock-solid wireless signal, Krystal gets .

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