November 11, 2004

when does the iShoe come out?

If you're thinking of getting your loved one an iPod for Christmas, be sure to get them a six pack of this essential accessory.


Anonymous said...

I could knit those in a weekend. I suppose they had to brutally resist the urge to call them "tunescozies".

Do Americans have _too_ much disposable income?


Anonymous said...

Hey Patrick,

Since you are now a HUGE appleomaniac, here is a chance to get an iPOD cheap!

The above site is a "luxury auction" site that sells everthing from Cartier watches to expensive holidays.

The site now has several "iPOD's" in it's innovative "reverse auction." Try and UNDERBID someone else, and get it at the LOWEST bid! A 40gb iPOD recently went for only One Pound (or $1.85) Valued at up to 300 Pounds. It is only 5 pounds to bid ($9.27)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign above post


Anonymous said...
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