January 17, 2005

now that's a bus

Tomorrow, Airbus introduces its 555 passenger A380. You think it's a long wait to get on a plane now?


Anonymous said...

A380 orders so far:

Air France 10
Emirates 45
Etihad Airways 4
FedEx 10
Korean Air 8
Lufthansa 15
Malaysia 6
Qantas 12
Qatar Airways 2
Singapore Airlines 10
Thai Airways 6
Virgin Atlantic 6
United Parcel Service 10
Total 144

Orders for the 7e7 so far:

Anonymous said...

By the way posted by Brooke

Why 45 for Emirates? Noone knows yet. That's a lot of big aircraft for one carrier.

Houston-based Continental has placed 10 orders for the Boeing 7e7 which Airbus is planning to counteract with the A350.

(This is opposed to the A360 which just flies around in circles) :- P