February 14, 2005

mmm, them words is good

Okay, Giles, you'll have the last laugh. I just pulled the trigger on a 40GB iPod Photo.

After my vitriolic rant about how useless the device was, and my announcement of my freebie on the way, regular readers may be wondering, "why?" Well... in my rant(s), one of my complaints was the $100 price difference. With the deal at buy.com ($20 IR on a discounted $459,) most of that price problem is wiped out. In addition, 20GB iPods are fetching $275 and up on eBay (log in to see completed items.) That makes this a $164 investment to get 20 more GB, a dock and a color screen. And... to get it in a week or so!


Anonymous said...

*Laughs Maniacally*


Anonymous said...

My AAPL stock thanks you.