February 2, 2005

prime + 79

The new Amazon Prime program promises free two-day shipping on over a million items at amazon.com for just $79.00 a year.

Let's do the math:

Cost of program: $79
  • 2-day shipping for one DVD: $6.98 - 12 orders is your break-even point
  • Standard shipping for one DVD: $2.98 - 27 orders is your break-even point
  • 2-day shipping for one book: $9.48 - 9 orders is your break-even point
  • Standard shipping for one book: $3.99 - 20 orders is your break-even point
With the retail price of most books and media (and in fact, most products on Amazon.com,) you're only talking about combining 3 items to get to Super Saver shipping.

So, this program is beneficial if you make monthly to bi-weekly, small orders of Amazon.com products, and never take advantage of Super Saver Shipping. If you live closer to the center of the country between several Amazon.com shipping points, and don't mind making >$25 orders, this program is moot for you.


Anonymous said...

Or, alternatively,
Get the same products at barnesandnoble.com with free 2-day shipping in Nashville, since they ship out of Memphis.

Save an additional 5% if you have the B&N member card.

Just a thought....


Anonymous said...

Overstock.com also has good book and media deals.