March 30, 2005

if you build it.... they will eat chinese

My dream has come true. Pei Wei is coming to Brentwood. It was announced in today's Brentwood Journal. For the unenlightened, Pei Wei is the counter-service version of P.F. Chang's - same great food without the three-hour wait. Pei Wei has always been a stop on our "when in Texas" list. This is the first Pei Wei east of the Mississippi, and it's five minutes from our house! I can almost taste the lettuce wraps.....

1 comment:

Dave said...

Okay, now I REALLY want Pei Wei as I didn't realize they were primarily a western-US thing. Looks like I'll have to drive to Nashville now.

Oh yeah, Allison told me you call that one downtown building the "Batman" building. I had a good view of it the other day as we flew over from Huntsville to Cincy. :-)