April 25, 2005


Last weekend, we visited Pop and Polly. It was a whirlwind trip, getting in on Friday afternoon and heading out Saturday evening. They put us up in the Holiday Inn Express and treated us to a hike in Glen Helen. It was amazing to hear about all of the plants from my botany major grandfather and to see the two of them navigate terrain that we thought was pretty tough! It was a great workout. They also took us to Young's Dairy for a great lunch, showed us lots of great family pictures, and treated us to dinner with Jeannie and Dennis at Smokey Bones barbecue.

We are continually thankful about how blessed we are to have Pop and Polly in our lives - they inspire us more and more every time we get together! As Mr. Rogers says:
Grandparents can be very special resources. Just being close to them reassures a child, without words, about change and continuity, about what went before and what will come after.

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