April 28, 2005

what not to eat

One of the cool things about Weight Watchers is just knowing. Knowing that this bag of chips is one point, and this bag of chips is four points. Knowing that a five ounce baked chicken breast is five points, and a five ounce fried chicken breast is ten points (approximately.) Knowing that one piece of bite-sized candy is a point, and five of them is five points.

When you see articles like this, it's fun to see some equivalencies in pointage.
OrderCaloriesFat (saturated fat)Points
Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich730 47g (17g) 23
Carl's Jr. Breakfast Burger 830 46g (15g) 25
Denny's Fabulous French Toast Platter 1,261 79g (30g) 40
Denny's French Slam 1,196 83g (29g) 40
OrderCaloriesFat (saturated fat) Points
Hardee's Monster Thickburger 1,417 107g (46g) 69
Burger King Double Whopper with Cheese 1,060 69g (27g) 49
Wendy's Big Bacon Classic 580 29g (12g) 16
McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese 770 47g (20g) 24

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