June 4, 2005

Green Hills Apple store grand opening

This morning, Lydia and I went to Green Hills mall to meet up with some friends of ours for the grand opening of the first Apple store in Nashville. We showed up about 9:15. The line was nowhere near the one at the Ginza store opening - with 45 minutes to go, we were about number 100 and 101 in line. I didn't quite know how many people to expect with all of the Mac-faithful musicians in Nashville, but a lot of them are loyal to other sources in town and hey... they're musicians... this is like the middle of the night to them.

Right behind us was an older guy wearing a hat from the Upper Cumberland Macintosh Users Group who could not help giving advice to a somewhat granola looking lady and geeky looking guy who were asking about their iTunes libraries. We saw several people we knew, and some we didn't expect! The aforementioned Jonathan Higdon (a high school senior we know from church) was there with his family, I ran across a designer that I knew who used to work at Word, and David and Laura were there (probably on the promise that the remainder of the day would be spent in non-geeky stores.)

The store itself is one of the newer design stores - seemingly sort of temporary in construction. There is no longer the "theater" at the back of the store where keynotes are shown and seminars given. The emphasis, as it probably should be, is on the products. We spent about five minutes in the store... enough to ogle some of the cameras and try out a spotlight search. Since they were only letting more people in as we left, we gave up our space as soon as we had our Kool-Aid. Then we had coffee with the Cobles and caught up with them for the first time after our Alaska trip.

Note: Lydia is a wonderful, gracious, patient wife for doing this with me. There was a Starbucks bribe involved in her participation.

Another Note: I almost titled this post "hypocrisy." Since the iBook's small hard drive doesn't store all our pictures, and we don't have a CF reader for the iBook, all of the pictures and the web gallery were created in Picasa and this entire post was done on a Dell.

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Anonymous said...

Amy and I have this list of things we'll miss about Boston when we move back to Nashville. It's a very short list. Our pediatrician, the Cheesecake Factory, the Apple Store. I think that's about it.

Now we can mark item off that list! And rumor has it that the Cheesecake Factory is coming, too!