June 29, 2005

the URLs in my neighborhood

The game is: go to your address bar and type in the first letter and see what site comes up.

(inspired by Katherine and Lacy with attempted original meme attribution to the Shut Up Dude)

A: arstechnica.com
B: blogger.com (surprise!)
C: creative.wordmusic.com (an FTP site) - ooh... lots of work stuff!
D: db.savicom.net - more work
E: edit.yahoo.com
F: fatwallet.com hot deals forum
G: google.com (actually the Firefox start page)
H: is several "home.____.com" addresses of various sites where I have downloaded things
I: ichotelsgroup.com
J: jasonanddemarco.com Believe it or not, this was a link related to work. I guess Katherine isn't the only one with alternative linkstyles.
K: nothing!
L: lifehacker.com
M: mycropht.blogspot.com (Katherine's blog)
N: the site so nice, they named it twice: news.com.com
O: orbitz.com
P: Home, sweet home.
Q: quicksilver.blacktree.com
R: http://radio.weblogs.com/0114670/categories/hipsterPda/2005/06/14.html - something I've been considering for a while.
S: shareasale.com
T: tripadvisor.com
U: http://us.1.p2.geocities.yahoo.com/gb/view?member=potterdw76 - okay, I have no recollection of how or why I got here.
V: (this is getting ridiculous...) video from our church's pre-SBC event
W: wordmusicnow.com
X: nothing
Y: yellowpages.superpages.com - who uses a book any more??
Z: nothing

That's was a LOT of typing. I hope you find some sort of insight into my psyche as a result. Or you just figure out that at work, I do a lot of work on the web!

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