July 19, 2005


If you read Patrick's post (see below), you know that we were in separate vehicles coming home from Weight Watchers when we spotted the Target parking lot full of cars. I just knew they were trying to pull a fast one on us and open earlier than what the newspaper said. We arrived there about 7:00, and they had been open since 5:00. After I pulled in, I thought I would call Patrick to get him to stop there as well.

Lydia: "Hey, I'm in the Target parking lot."

Patrick: "So am I!"

Lydia: "Wait, I see you in my rearview mirror!"

I just couldn't keep this news to myself (my inner journalist resurfaces). I knew our neighbor, would want to know that the eagle, I mean, Target had landed. I left her a voice mail telling her where we were. She called right back.

Tonya: "I'm on a bike ride in Crockett Park, but if I known it was open, I wouldn't have gone."

Lydia: "They are serving food - cheese, fruit, cake!"

Tonya: "Oh, that's totally dinner."

As we were heading to the checkout, we ran into Tonya and told her to make a bee line for the pharmacy where the really good free stuff was. At the checkout, there were several checkers waiting for customers, so I said, "Who wants to check us out?" Several said, "Me! Me!" They are just dying to use all the skills they've learned in training. The only downside of the new Target is that everyone working there is new. Patrick had to help our checker ring up our clearance item, but all the employees are very friendly.

Patrick says the Target is exactly six minutes away from our house. He's on his way to get the first roll of film developed at the new Target!

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Christina said...

I went today while Daniel was in Mother's Day Out. And I'm sad to report all the stuff is messed up now! Not completely, but just enough so your pictures are no longer accurate. But the check out clerks are still very excited.