July 19, 2005

stay on target

It's open! The Brentwood Target is open. Oh sure, they're publicizing May 24th, and The Tennessean said they'd open on Wednesday, but we were there... tonight!

Lydia and I were on our way home from Weight Watchers in separate vehicles. Normally, we carpool, but today, we had two different directions to go in the middle of the day. Lydia was ahead of me when I passed the Target... and I saw non-employee cars in the lot! I called her to try to convince her to turn around and check it out with me... and she was calling me back to let me know that she was already in the parking lot.

The Brentwood Target is pretty artsy fartsy on the outside - it has columns like some kind of southern plantation. On the inside, it's a Target, but tonight it was Target-plus. In several locations around the store there were meat and cheese and fruit trays, and large Target sheet cakes. We had evidently just missed the ribbon cutting ceremony at 5:00 because the stage was still up near the front entrance. A lady was making balloon animals for kids back by the electronics section. But, the coup was in the Pharmacy section, they were giving away free drugs. You think I'm kidding? They had "goodie bags" they were handing out that had moisturizer samples, shampoo samples, and a 10-pak of Claritin RediTabs - that alone retails for about $10!

It was a little surreal... almost Edward Scissorhands-esqe... because every aisle was perfectly stocked. Even the sample aisle had each little sample bottle lined up in their little baskets. I'm so glad that we went tonight because tomorrow (on the newspaper-publicized day) it will be a zoo.

We bought three things: a new ice cream scoop on sale for $1.99 which we desperately needed, a toy shopping cart that was on clearance (yes, clearance after having been open for only two hours) for $1.39 and a hot air popcorn popper for $7.99 marked down from $14.99. Oh... and I bought a disposable camera. Look for pictures on this post in about an hour. I'm the first ever customer for this Target's one hour photo!

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Christina said...

What I meant to say was,
I love you guys.... and Target too!