September 26, 2005


I'm finally getting around to telling the internet that I resigned from my job at the church. My last day was one week ago today. I guess I had to get my brain around the idea first, because when you put it on the internet, it's real (at least for me). Soooo, the question I have been getting from everyone is "Where are you going?" Answer: "I don't know." Presently, I am looking for a job full time. I like staying home, but it doesn't pay very well. If you know of any opportunities in the Nashville area, please send them my way!


Kat Coble said...

Sounds crazy, but have you tried temping? Or a service? I usually have very good luck with that, plus it has the whole benefit of 'try-before-you-buy'.

Anonymous said...

So, Charlie Butler sent me the link to Annessa's pictures so I'm peeking around at your website. What type of job are you looking for? HCA is on a mass hiring spree in IT so I was curious ... let me konw!