September 28, 2005

post-birthday report

I had a great birthday. For the first time in five years, Patrick and I are in the same decade. One highlight of my day was meeting Anna-Ruth, although the little stinker couldn't wait just four hours to be born on my birthday. We went to ABC for my free birthday lunch. I showed the guy my license, but I don't think he even looked at it. We went to our favorite sushi place, Miyako, for dinner. We went to Baskin-Robbins for dessert, and it was $1 scoop Tuesday! I had a scoop of Daquiri Ice, which is what I always had as a child, since it is non-dairy. It's like an old friend.

We came home and watched one of Patrick's gifts to me, the first season of Pimp My Ride. The extras are hilarious. He actually bought it and a t-shirt at the West Coast Customs shop on his last trip to California. I can't believe he kept the fact that he went there a secret for this long!

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