September 2, 2005

prayer requested

Please pray for my Dad. He's currently at Harris Methodist Hospital after suffering a small stroke yesterday afternoon. He was able to call 911 on his own, the ambulance came, and he was treated very quickly after the onset of symptoms.

Dad is doing okay. His first tests have come back with no clotting. The current plan is for him to be in the hospital through the weekend and then to start rehab.

Got to talk to Dad today -- he's doing much better, with hardly any voice slurring. If there was a bed in rehab today, he'd go today, but it will probably be tomorrow, and he'll be in rehab for two or three days. He has a blood vessel that is 60% blocked in the left side of his brain which caused the right side problem. There's no need to operate, and it can be treated with blood thinners and statin drugs. The prognosis is really good... his right hand is moving, and his right leg has a full range of motion.