September 3, 2005

who'd-a thought

If I were to write "Patrick's guide to mowing the lawn," it would have to start:

  1. Download new podcasts for the iPod. (This takes place prior to today.)
  2. Plug in the iPod to copy over the podcasts.
  3. Realize that the first computer you plugged your iPod into isn't the one you downloaded the podcasts on.
  4. Hunt for a 6-to-6 firewire cord. Only come up with 6-to-4's.
  5. Unplug the iPod from the first computer you connected it to and plug it in the other one
  6. Plug in the iPod to copy over the podcasts.
  7. Hunt for the earbuds you use when mowing
  8. Settle for the white ones
  9. Dig in the medicine drawer for Claritin
  10. Dig in the closet for Claritin
  11. Take one of your wife's Alaverts instead
  12. Justify all the above time used because the iPod battery is about 3/4 full and it's charging all this time
  13. Blog about it

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