October 10, 2005

repent! (vRRRUmmmm...)

Our church has been involved in all kinds of ways with ministry to the victims of Katrina and Rita over the past couple of months. One of the leaders from the Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief team is a member of our church, so right after the first storm hit, they sent down a chainsaw team to cut down partially-fallen trees and clear brush. This week, our second group is going.

In Sunday School, we had a report on how effective the first chainsaw team had been at their mission, and in addition, "had been very effective at winning people to Christ."

Somehow, I think I might be a bit more responsive to the gospel facing someone holding a chainsaw...

Seriously, it's nice to know that good is being done in more ways than one.

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Kat Coble said...

Man, you have a violent Sunday School!