October 21, 2005

whet your appetite

If you consider yourself more of a gourmond than gourmet, this may be the blog for you. slashfood.com tends to be a random mishmash of post topics, but within the one theme of the joy and delight of food. Some articles go from the food news angle, some from the recipe side, and some from the unabashedly named Food Porn category which features pictures of culinary delights that make you want to lick your monitor. Occasionally the good folks there will pick a certain food and feature it like they did back on Grilled Cheese Day and will on Monday with the "Great Pumpkin Day." (no relation)

The evocative, yet conversational language of each post makes you want to dig in to every article. I find myself drawn to it as sort of a pre-meal apertif that gets my salivary glands going.

Or, maybe it's not the blogging and the imagery... that's just the effect that happens to me whenever I see any food after coming off of nearly a year of Weight Watchers.

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