December 5, 2005

play not-station-ary

This past weekend while waiting for our table, it occured to me that if my Playstation 2 system were somehow portable, I could be playing Burnout right then and there. Well, wouldn't you know it, the fine folks at Sony have gone and made something that does just that.

I packed up my PS2 bits and pieces and hauled them down to GameStop and traded them in on a brand-spankin new Playstation Portable. I opted for the "GigaPack" which came with a 1GB memory stick pro card instead of the stock 32MB one. This allows me not only to save games, but also to store music, pictures and movies. Of course, the PS2 trade-in only covered part of the purchase, but it did make a good dent, and the portion that it did cover was treated as credit, so I only paid taxes on the difference.

The widescreen is gorgeous, and while not exactly high definition, still very nice. At about twelve inches away, it's about the same size as a plasma screen would be on the wall on the other side of the room. :) Also, one of the phrases that I knew I would hear Lydia utter when I brought it back was "well, at least you're not tying up the TV." She did not disappoint!

Several factors contributed to the purchase including the fact that Blockbuster is renting PSP games and we get two free rentals a month on our subscription deal. That way, I'm not dropping $50 a game whenever I get the urge to play something new. Also, Lydia has been getting lots of mileage from our iPod... leaving me without a portable podcast consumption device (and I'm behind on my TWiT broadcasts.) I could have picked up a new iPod, but even the new models can't do this!

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