February 27, 2006

busy days

As I mentioned, we have been very busy since returning from vacation. Patrick has his first full week at LifeWay under his belt, and is getting to know folks and the company. I have cut back to part-time, and am LOVING it.

We have been helping my parents get settled in their new house. After almost 19 years of condo life, they are back in a single family home. The house was built in 1957, but a new master suite has been added and the kitchen has been remodeled in the last year.

Last week, I bought a new sewing machine off Ebay. I got a great deal on a Bernina Virtuosa 160. It has tons of features!

Tonight we are planning to buy some chairs for our dining room table. After several months of searching, we have finally found some we like at Target. We are hoping they will have enough in stock!

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